Les prompts pour écrire des histoires de type utopie

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Prompts to Write Utopian Stories

Utopian stories are those that speak of a perfect world in which people are happy and free. They provide us with a view of what could be if we worked to create the perfect world. These stories can serve as a source of inspiration to spur us to make the world a better place in real life, or they may simply be enjoyable to read. No matter the goal, here are some prompts to help you get creating a utopian story:

Finding a Utopian World

The first step when writing a utopian story is to create the utopian world. You must determine what elements are in the perfect world and what isn’t. Think about factors such as the climate, the culture, how the people interact, and how the laws are organized. You can also consider how modern technology is present in this society, if at all.

Introducing the Protagonist

Next, you will want to establish the lead character in your utopian story. This could be a single person or multiple characters, depending on the type of story you want to tell. This protagonist could be a person who is coming of age and learning to navigate the perfect world, or someone who is trying to make the world even better. Either way, it is important to create characters with depth and multidimensional personalities to make the story more relatable and realistic.

Constructing the Conflict

Every story needs some kind of conflict to drive the narrative. In a utopian story, this conflict could be an outside force trying to disrupt the perfect world or an element within the perfect world that is out of balance. For example, the protagonist could be faced with the challenge of saving their utopian society from destruction or they could be tasked with working to restore harmony within the community.

Exploring Solutions

Regardless of the specific conflict, a utopian story should have a positive outcome. This could be achieved by the protagonist finding a solution to the problem or by the community collectively finding its way to a better future. It is important to ensure this resolution is believable, as it is one of the main reasons readers are drawn to utopian stories in the first place.

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