Les prompts pour décrire les personnages dans vos histoires

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Prompts for Describing Characters in Your Stories

Writing compelling stories that readers can truly relate to, revolves around creating characters with depth; characters that resonate with readers and draw them into the story. Whether for a bestselling novel, or a blog post, it is the characters that make a story come to life and connect with readers. The following prompts can help you create these characters, so you can craft an engaging story.

Character Background

When developing your characters, designing a character background is one of the first steps. Learn more about the character’s persona; their occupation, hobbies, family life, that helps to bring the character to life. Consider the work they do, the relationships they have with others, and the childhood they experienced.

Character Goals

Every character in your story should have a clear goal or purpose to move the story forward. This can help you organize the different paths these characters take throughout the story as they move towards the goals. Think of how their choices could affect the outcomes, to give characters more layers of depth.

Character Traits

Another important element to consider for your characters is their traits. This can help make them more than just a persona on a page but a living and breathing character for readers to relate to. Each character should possess a mix of traits, both good and bad, that are realistic, such as their physical and psychological characteristics. Create characteristics from their behaviour and reactions towards their goals, that can drive readers to either love or hate them.

Character Development Throughout the Story

For added interest in your story, consider the development of the characters throughout it. How circumstances and events in the story may shape and change the character’s attitude, behaviour, and even morals. The focus should be more on their emotional journeys, and how they change and develop as they interact with their environment and other characters.


Creating powerful characters in stories can be tricky, but with the right strategy and prompts, you can create characters your readers can connect with. You can also utilize digital marketing tools, such as gonnected.com, to further reach your target audience with marketing efforts such as building brand awareness, and crafting engaging content from audio, video, photos, and written content.

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